Planning what you want to do on your wedding day to get the photos you want is something really important to think about.

The way I like to work with my couples, it’s really important to make sure anything we do adds to their enjoyment of their wedding day and definitely doesn’t distract you.

Love Letters:
These are a great way to take some portraits and if you’re both a bit shy then it can be a great way to express yourselves to each other before you see each other on the day. You write each other a letter to be opened after you have gotten ready

2 Photographers for getting ready:
Most photographers either work solo or with a second shooter, you could also have 2 photographers and get them to swap or stick with each partner through each of your mornings while you prepare.
Usually photographers will go to the (in heterosexual weddings) the Grooms house and get them to “mock” get ready and take photos before heading over to the Bride’s house to document her getting ready.
This is traditionally done because basically the Bride cared more about her own photos than those of her husband (or you could say patriarchal systems put more pressure on the looks of the bride and the earning potential of the husband). I find my type of clients want much more modern photography (because they’re in a modern relationship) and so would like more coverage of the groom than just the usual “set pieces” or they choose to get ready together. Having a photographer with both of you for the whole morning means that we get more time and get a bit more access to the parents of the “Groom”
I’ve used the words “Bride” and “Groom” here but the same is also true of some LGBTQ+ that have taken on the same gender roles.One of the great things about same sex marriage is that it has really changed the way everyone looks at marriage now and which traditions belong in the dustbin.