My Wedding Photography Style

I’m going to show you some of my favourite wedding photos that show my shooting style, I change the editing a little for each client to match your style but you can see the types of photos i take. Put yourself in Hannah and Tim’s shoes and see if these are the types of photos you would like from your wedding day

Under this collection I also have an in depth explanation of my thoughts and why i shoot the way i do. By the end of this page you will know whether I’m the photographer for you

I’m going to go through my thought process with some photos I shot from a wedding so that you can see my thought process on what photos I like and why I shot them. It’s a very tough process in choosing a photographer or second shooter for your wedding and I have a pretty unique style which is very creative and modern. I’m not a traditional wedding photographer, there are thousands out there that can take great traditional wedding photos but I imagine if you’ve read this far then you’re not looking for average photography. The reason I ask everyone to check out my photos before they book with me is really quite simple. I have a process that I follow to make sure that you have the BEST wedding day you can. I come from a background in entertainment and Biotechnology, which is a weird mix that means I see things from a total event experience for you and your guests. Here are some core ways that I’m different to most Melbourne wedding photographers

People over objects

Traditional wedding photographers used images of rings, dresses and cufflinks as a way to sell extra pages in wedding albums so that they could add on additional sales. I prefer to take photos of people being people. Getting a glimpse of the day that you can relive and your great great grandchildren can look back on and get an idea of who you were.

Family is number 1

Family is so important including those can’t be there. A wedding day is a rare occasion where family come from across the world to the same location to celebrate with you. Something now exceedingly rare and worth capturing. When people know their photo is being taken they pose and lose all of their natural expressions, just look what how people change their body language when they take a selfie. Even trained actors can only imitate a real smile, none have perfected it. I take family photos by trying to capture the essence of who they are. People are 3 dimensional and I feel like most traditional wedding photographers try and capture only one or two dimensions of a person whereas there are so many emotions they won’t capture. To get pretty dark on yo ass, Death is inevitable for all of us but I want to capture those moments that you will miss when they’re gone, maybe it’s your dad looking at you like you’re still his 5 year old daughter or washing the dishes after getting you something to eat (because “champagne on an empty stomach is a bad idea”), your daughter checking your lapel flowers, packing the car and checking it twice, seeing you in your wedding dress for the first time or forgetting where he’s sitting because he’s just realised his little girl is now a woman. I think they’re the moments that you want to remember, not posed shots with fake smiles.

Candids that are candid

I like taking candids that are actually candid, you can see here in this series that Hannah has just put on her bridal gown and her bridesmaids have just been downstairs with the makeup artist and this is the first time they’ve seen her in her dress. These kind of shots aren’t technically that great or even interesting to most people but I take them for the couple as it shows parts of their wedding day they probably didnt even see and it’s also the first time Tim will get to see what happened the morning of the wedding..

Parents and family doing their thang

I like to try and capture the parents and grandparents personalities when I can. On such a stressful day a lot of parents clam up and try and stay in the background because it’s all about their kids but they’re such a big part of the day. When i say parents I mean whoever brought you up, that can be your grandparents, foster parents, teachers or ex-bosses. I think it’s important to capture the moments between you and them as they naturally happen.

1st shooting like a 2nd shooter

I like to photography weddings from the inside out instead of the usual outside looking in.
This means I often 2nd shoot in my own style for couples that already have a portrait photographer to do the “posie” stuff or if you really want the usual photos as well as my style.
All my primary shooter packages include a second shooter as I can’t get the type of photos I take if I’m screaming at your guests to line up one second and then trying to blend in so they dont notice me taking photos.
The way I do it is to get my second shooter to do all the things a primary shooter usually does, in effect they are the person your guests will see as your photographer and I’ll seem like their assistant .
This means I can catch al the moments that happen throughout the day as your “photographer” is busy

I photograph for my clients, not other photographers

Most photographers take out any photos that are a bit blurry or show anything they deem “unattractive”.
I think Roald Dhal said it best

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

Here’s some of my photos that I deliver that aren’t perfect but I would want if it was my wedding